Snowchild Screening at US East Coast

Snowchild will be screening at the US East Coast at Bar Harbor Film Festival on Sunday October 11th (Program 10) 12-1:45pm Life on the Edge

Little Boy´s Sister

With the 70 year anniversary of Hiroshima just a few hours away we have completed our new title “Little Boy´s Sister”.  The film is a portrait about one of the few living Hiroshima survivors whose life was forced into a new direction after the Atomic Bomb.

The film was a Co-Production between Snowchild Filmproduction and Shoot & Post.

SNOWCHILD Screening Düsseldorf


After the screening of SNOWCHILD at Filmmuseum Düsseldorf. All seats were taken and we had an interesting discussion with the audience about the film and Japanese society together with the Japanese General Consul Mr. Shimazaki.

Flickers Spotlight Interview with Susan Chau

Susan Chau talks about the creative process on making Josephine at Flickers Spotlight prior to the upcoming premiere of the film at Rhode Island Filmfestival.

Josephine to screen at Rhode Island Filmfestival

We are happy to announce that “Josephine” will be screening at Rhode Island Filmfestival on Saturday August 9th at 12:15PM (Venue: Metcalf Auditorium at RISD Museum)

Director Susan Chau and Cinematographer Eugene Koh will be present.

Congratulations to Actress Airi Man (Snowchild) on her new projects

Airi Man starred in SNOWCHILD as the main character Yukiko (Snowchild). Snowchild was her film debut.

“Finding the right actress for Snowchild was quite a challenge. She had to play two very different characters within the film: the outgoing and witty teenager on the one hand, the introverted heart broken girl that lost her voice on the other. I had nearly given up after month of search in Japan with the help of my Casting Director, until one day Airi Man entered the production office in Tokyo. I knew very soon that it had to be her. We decided on working together and develop the role of Yukiko in a manner, that would suit her character and origin. (Uta Arning, Writer, Director, Producer of Snowchild)

Since Snowchild Airi Man has been successful acting in TV Dramas and Cinema. This year the following films and TV Dramas starring Airi Man will be released: 乙女のレシピ Otome no recipe, はなればなれに Hanarebanareni, 乾き Kawaki, ホットロード Hot road, TV drama 今夜は心だけ抱いて Konya ha kokorodake daite


Festival Marketing and Post Production Support

SNOWCHILD Filmproduction successfully teamed up American based director SUSAN CHAU with award winning Sounddesigner and Composer JAN GIESE
(who scored THE PERFECT WOMAN and SNOWCHILD) for her short film JOSEPHINE.
JOSEPHINE-is a coming of age tale about a young girl confronted by strangers and the sudden absence of her mother.
SUSAN CHAU is a graduate of NEW YORK UNIVERSITY TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS ASIA (Singapore). The film was shot on location in the U.S. in a dusty unknown town on the way to Las Vegas. Korean cinematographer EUGENE KOH managed to capture the atmosphere and feeling of an American suburb in a poetic way.
The film received supported from PANAVISION, which awarded the project THE NEW FILMMAKER`S GRANT.
SNOWCHILD Filmproduction is handling the Festival Marketing for the film.

Season`s Greetings


Moon Suk`s Album Seasons now on i-Tunes

Who would like to listen to songs from SNOWCHILD should purchase Moon Suk`s album Seasons via i-Tunes

Author of Walpurgisnacht Nominated

We are congratulating Barabara te Kock for her nomination of the screenplay “UND MORGEN MITTAG BIN ICH TOT” for the Millbrook Author Award at Hofer Filmtage 2013. Barbara te Kock is writing the Screenplay for Walpurgisnacht which will be directed by Uta Arning under the production of Eva-Maria Weerts.

More info under Millbrook Autorenpreis